Tuesday, August 8, 2017

6 Ways To Rapidly Improve Workplace Comfort and Productivity

When remodeling your office interiors, improved comfort and productivity should be at the top of your list of goals. If this is the case for your business, it's essential to select components that streamline activities and promote good posture while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. Rest assured, we're here to help. Today we'll showcase the chairs, furniture, and accessories needed to rapidly improve your workplace.

1.) Responsive Chair

Responsive Office Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair. That being said, you don't want to spend half your day grabbing mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to achieve the perfect sit. That's where responsive chairs come in! This year, industry leading brands like Global are working hard to create the latest and greatest "smart chairs" that automatically react to user movements to minimize the ergonomic learning curve and promote next level comfort. Chairs like the Arti, G20, Shadow, and Spritz from Global are changing the way we work.

2.) Multi Screen Mounting System

Dual Monitor Arm

The days of using single screen operating systems are coming to and end. Businesses looking to improve comfort and productivity are making the switch mounts for multiple computer screens in 2017. With a dual screen monitor arm you'll be able to increase usable desk space, reduce visual strain, and raise your computer screens up to eye level where they belong to prevent neck pain.

3.) Connectable Training Tables

Connectable Training Tables

Pass on old school fixed leg tables when remodeling your training room. Alternatively, you'll want to step into the modern age of modularity. With flip top training room tables that can be connected the possibilities are endless. Connectable training tables make it easy to create collaborative configurations that encourage creativity and team interaction.

4.) Powered Boardroom Table

Powered Boardroom Table

Give your boardroom a boost with a powered table that streamlines presentations and group strategizing sessions. Advanced tables from the Mayline TransAction collection and Global Zira collection are the way to go. They're available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your square footage needs. With advanced input options like HDMI and USB you'll be conducting efficient meetings in no time.

5.) Tablet Seating

OFM Tablet Arm Lounge Chair

Tablet arm seating encourages comfort and productivity. This trend has had the biggest impact of the waiting room. Tablet chairs from brands like OFM greatly improve the guest waiting experience. Popular options like the 3002T model Triumph lounge chair are a must consider for any business looking to give their welcoming area the edge. In addition, OFM chairs like the ORO are excellent for big and tall users and executive work environments.

6.) Articulating Keyboard Platform

Articulating Keyboard Platform

Last but not least, if you want to rapidly improve office comfort and productivity, it's time to invest in an articulating keyboard platform that encourages healthy typing angles and reduces the risk of workplace epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An articulating keyboard platform will increase usable desk space with the ability to be mounted underneath your work surface and retracted when not in use.
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