Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bargain Hunter: 2017's Best Office Chair Buys

Here at OfficeFurnitureDeals.com we love showcasing value priced office furniture and seating solutions designed to maximize corporate appeal and comfort. Today is no exception! In this edition of 'Bargain Hunter' we'll take a look at 2017's best office chair buys. These popular chairs from brands like Offices To Go, Eurotech Seating, and MooreCo provide exceptional back support on a budget. Enjoy!

1.) Offices To Go 10904B

Value Priced Office Chair

At just $199.99, the OTG 10904B mesh back task chair is an absolute winner. This ventilated office chair with adjustable arms offers an excellent blend of modern appeal and ergonomic features for all day support.

2.) Eurotech Tetra

Discount Office Chair

With a set of adjustable arms, a breathable mesh back, and multi functional mechanism that's easy to use, the Eurotech MF272BLK model Tetra chair is a true bargain at $177.50.

3.) MooreCo Circulation

Polypropylene Task Chair

The Circulation chair is all about durability. This polypropylene task chair with arms is easy to clean and ready for the demands of intensive work environments. At $265.99 you can rest easy knowing you invested in an office chair that's built to last.

4.) Cherryman Eon

Best Office Chair

The 415W and 415B model Eon chairs from Cherryman Industries are versatile, comfortable, and user friendly. In fact, at $294.00 we feel the Eon is the best chair buy of the year.

5.) iDesk Ambarella

iDesk Office Chair

Cherryman's sister company iDesk also offers one of the best seating solutions of 2017. The 401B model Ambarella office chair comes equipped with a built in guide for personal adjusting. It's an all around work horse that'll help you make it through the toughest work days for $247.80.

6.) OFM Stratus

Mesh Back Big And Tall Office Chair

The 257 model Stratus big and tall mesh back office chair from OFM is currently available for just $300.99. It's ready willing and able to support users up to 350 pounds.

7.) Global Graphic

Ergonomically Correct Office Chair

The Graphic seating collection from Global offers a variety of popular options. We feel the best buy is the 2738 model. It's equipped with a polypropylene back that's easy to clean and well padded seat. With adjustable arms and an ergonomically correct design, you simply can't go wrong with this office chair priced at $258.99.

8.) SitWell Ovation

Multi Function Task Chair

The OV-436-G model Ovation from SitWell is the most expensive office chair showcased in today's edition of 'Bargain Hunter'. That being said, it's one of the best. This top of the line ergonomic chair is fully loaded with the features you need to work posture perfect.

9.) Woodstock Creedence

Weight Sensing Office Chair

Weight sensing office chairs are the latest craze. They automatically respond to your body type to encourage the perfect sit. The Creedence mesh back office chair from Woodstock Marketing is the best weight sensor on the market under $350.00.

10.) RFM R2 Rainier

RFM R2 Rainier Chair

Last but not least, check out the R2 Rainier chair from RFM Preferred Seating. It's available for $347.95 and perfect for just about any application you can think of. This multi purpose chair is available in a variety of attractive textile options and comes packed with adjustment features you'll love.
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