Tuesday, September 5, 2017

5 Do-It-All Table Collections for Improved Versatility

Are you limited by square footage in the workplace? Are you finding it hard to get the most of your professional interiors? Rest assured, we've got you covered. Today on the OFD blog we're showcasing 5 do-it-all table collections that will help you create versatile environments that improve collaboration and creativity. Prepare to be impressed!

Mayline Sync TablesThe team at Mayline fully understands the need for versatile products in the workplace. This industry leader takes pride in crafting do-it-all tables that outperform the competition in training and classroom settings. Take one of their Sync tables for a spin and you'll quickly see what we mean. The popular folding tables with wheelss from the Sync collection can be effectively nested to maximize space and easily moved in groupings. With Sync, the configuration possibilities are endless.

Electric Height Adjust Collaboration TableIt's all about collaboration and ergonomic efficiency in 2017. That's why respected brands like Mayline have made it their mission to to combine both. With the open concept sit to stand tables from the Mayline ML collection you can create multi user workstations that encourage interaction and healthy operating. These electronic tables raise and lower at the push of a button to meet the needs of any task.

Height Adjustable Multi Purpose Office TableIf you're tired of stationary tables that are a pain to move and provide little in terms of operational versatility, check out the Brawny collection from MooreCo. This line of height adjustable multi purpose tables promotes sit to stand operating and unrivaled versatility. The MooreCo 89847 Brawny table with a 36" wide top is the most popular. It's mobile, easy to use, and ready for the demands of intensive work environments.

Multi Purpose Office TablesOFM has your training, conference, and classroom needs in mind. The heavy duty multi purpose tables from the OFM Mesa collection can truly do it all. Mesa tables can be connected and used as group workstations. With privacy screens, noise is reduced and collaboration isn't completely sacrificed. The tables from the Mesa collection are best suited for school and professional training environments as they can be configured quickly when needed and nested when not. Multiple sizes and scratch resistant laminate finish options are available.

Global Bungee Tables
We've saved our favorite do-it-all table collection for last. We partial towards the Bungee line from Global Total Office because they're incredibly user friendly. These connectable tables can be purchased in sets that create full sized conference room tables. If you're working in smaller groups, the tables can be quickly unattached and used as needed. The Bungee connection system is innovative and simple. While many of today's modular table sets are difficult to use, Bungee makes it easy to transition between conference and training applications in just seconds. From the break room to boardroom, Bungee tables are ready to transform your interiors into do-it-all environments that maximize productivity levels and team interaction.
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