Thursday, September 7, 2017

How Do Your Office Interiors Make You Feel?

They say the true test of an office interior is how it makes you feel. We fully agree! Well rounded work environments that encourage creativity and promote comfort will have you feeling great. Alternatively, those lacking appeal and efficient products will do little to improve productivity levels. Today on the OFD blog we'll provide the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to improve your professional work environments and make you feel great about them.

Collaborative Conference Room
Is your conference room in need of a facelift? Rest assured, you're not alone. If your space is feeling a bit dated and dark due to old school wood furniture, you're likely not feeling very good about hosting meetings in it. Those looking to get the most out of their conference environments are going modular in 2017. With connectable tables, the configuration possibilities are endless. With lines like Bungee from Global Total Office you'll be able to create an awesome full sized conference table. When working in small groups, Bungee tables can be broken off from the main layout for improved collaboration.

It's easy to revamp your private office interior without purchasing all new furniture. With advancements in modern ergonomics, today's top furniture and seating brands have made it easy to work smart and feel great. Integrating a height adjustable desktop attachment like the S2S from ESI will allow to work from both sit-down and stand-up operating positions to reduce energy dips and improve posture.

In addition to desktop risers, you can invest in a responsive office chair, dual monitor arm system, and articulating keyboard tray to feel better about working in your space. These products promote healthy operating and efficiency that can't be beat.

Open Concept BenchingIf you step onto the work floor amidst a sea of high wall cubicles overcrowding your space, the odds are you're feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed. This year, businesses across the country are breaking down walls (literally) to create open concept interiors and visually appealing site lines that reduce stress. With open concept benching from a line like the Mayline TransAction collection you can get the creative juices flowing amongst your coworkers. With employee collaboration and daily interaction increase, productivity levels will soon follow.
Sometimes office interiors are just in need of a few touch-ups. If comfort is lacking, you'll likely be suffering from depleted energy levels and possible even pain that has you stressing throughout task filled work days. By making the switch to a responsive chair that promotes good posture without the need for constant adjusting, you'll be minimizing the ergonomic learning curve and instantly feeling better about your space. Popular options like the Living chair from Mayline are unrivaled in terms of support, ease of use, and operational performance. 

You don't have to spend a bunch of money to feel better about your interiors. If your interiors are feeling stuffy, open up those blinds and let in some natural light. You might also consider ditching the old faux plants for some vibrant succulents that require minimal maintenance. The point is, if you're feeling down about your interiors, take action. The options for improvement are truly limitless.
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