Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Office Matchmaker: Finding The Perfect Furniture Collection

Are you having trouble finding office furniture you can settle down with for the long haul? You're not alone. It's not easy falling in love with just one furniture collection. The options available are practically limitless! That being said, we've got you covered. In our new 'Office Matchmaker' series we're working hard to pair our valued readers with furniture to meet their specific needs, interests, and budgets.

Versatile: Zira by Global

Versatile Office Furniture

Who doesn't want their office furniture to be versatile? These days it's all about getting the absolute most out of your available square footage. If you like the idea of improving operational functionality and simultaneously boosting corporate appeal, we recommend pairing your professional interiors with the supremely versatile modular office furniture from the Global Zira collection in 2017. This full service line offers power ready conference tables, connectable desks, elite storage components, and high fashion reception stations designed to create fluidity throughout your various work environments.

Contemporary: Verde by Cherryman Industries

Contemporary Office Furniture

Perhaps your looking for a something with a bit more flair to make your interiors stand out from the competition? If this is the case, you really can't go wrong with the contemporary office furniture from the Cherryman Verde collection. This cutting edge line of desks, tables, and storage components has wow factor to spare. Many of the components from this line even feature white glass accents that are unlike anything else on the market. Verde furnishings are cost effective and available in 2 attractive finish options.

Coastal: Sterling by Mayline

Coastal Gray Office Furniture

We made "coastal" its own category in this edition of 'Office Matchmaker' because this booming design theme has really dominated the market in 2017. If you're loving the look of coastal infused furniture, check out the textured driftwood components from the Mayline Sterling series. They're unique, professional grade, and infused with beach vibes that won't overpower your interiors.

Traditional: Ventor by Offices to Go

Traditional Wood Veneer Boardroom Furniture

There's nothing wrong with keeping things traditional. If you enjoy the timeless elegance of wood veneer office furniture, we recommend the Offices To Go Ventnor collection. This subtle line of executive workstations, boardroom tables, and reception stations is luxurious without being overly expensive. As many of the traditionally inspired furniture collections available in 2017 will bust the budget, the Ventor line from OTG will help you maximize it without sacrificing your desired design theme.

Industrial: Mesa by OFM

If you're looking for a long term relationship with office furniture you can rely on, check out the Mesa series from OFM. This line of metal office desks and flip top training room tables with scratch resistant laminate surfaces is an absolute winner. As an added bonus, the team at OFM offers an array of big and tall office chairs you can trust to support up to 500 pounds from collections like Avenger and Oro.

Collaborative: SideBar by Global

Collaborative Office Furniture

Last but certainly not least, no industry buzz word has been hotter than "collaborative" in 2017. These days business furniture shoppers are on the hunt for collaborative workplace solutions that encourage team interaction. In our professional opinion, there's not better option than the SideBar collection from Global. This awesome line of group benching is ready, willing, and able to help you create open concept office interiors that spark creativity. SideBar components provide a refreshing alternative to traditional high wall panel furniture systems that restrict interaction. If you're ready to think outside the box and knock down those cubicle walls, go with SideBar. You won't regret it!
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