Thursday, December 28, 2017

Life In The Cube: Ergonomic Chairs For Improved Posture

In today's installment of 'Life In The Cube' we'll be taking a look at ergonomically correct office chairs designed to keep you posture perfect throughout task filled work days. Here you'll see awesome seating solutions from brands like SitWell, Eurotech Seating, and MooreCo that encourage healthy operating habits while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. Enjoy!

Best Cubicle Chair
The cubicle ready chairs from SitWell are hard to beat. Our team favorite is the Ovation. This line of posture promoting task chairs is completely customizable. SitWell has made it their mission to create a personalized operating experience that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. Their O-30-AO-B-T-SA Ovation chair is fully loaded with a natural lumbar support, adjustable arms, and user friendly mechanism controls for $300.00.

Eurotech Slider ChairSlip into comfort with the 1701 Slider office chair from Eurotech Seating. This contoured fabric task chair avoids restricting upper body movement with it's unique back shape. The Slider chair is practical, ergonomically correct, and and ready for all day computing.

MooreCo Ergo Ex ChairThe 34434 model Ergo Ex chair from MooreCo is an ergonomic gem. This top of the line cubicle chair is nothing short of awesome. From every angle this mesh chair is distinctively modern. The Ergo Ex offers far more than just good looks. It's fully loaded with a set of adjustable arms, a headrest, ventilated back, and so much more.

Ergonomic Tasking Chair by Offices To GoThe 11685 ergonomic chair from Offices To Go is cut out for cubicle use. This high back office chair with a breathable mesh back and adjustable arms makes it easy to compute at healthy angles without a headache inducing ergonomic learning curve. The 11686 is also an absolute bargain buy at just $202.99.

Weight Sensing Office ChairNo article on the best ergonomic office chairs for cubicle use would be complete without highlighting at least 1 seating solution from Global. Quite frankly we could of done an entire post on Global's chairs that are great for this common application. All things considered, the new Spritz weight sensing office chair from Global is definitely one of our favs. This "smart chair" automatically reacts to the weight of the user to minimize the need for constant adjusting. This responsive office chair is a bit more pricey than the average cubicle chair at $430.99, but it's far more advanced. If you're looking  to get on the cutting edge of comfort, the 6761-8 Spritz chair is the way to go.
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