Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Life In The Cube: Products For Healthy Computing

Life In The Cube: Products For Healthy Computing
In this edition of 'Life In the Cube' we'll be highlighting ergonomically correct office accessories designed to help you compute healthy. As the need for good operating habits in the workplace cannot be overlooked, today's post is a must read. These products from brands like Global, MooreCo, and OFM are ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

Global Arti ChairComputing healthy doesn't have to be a headache. We recommend starting your quest for an improved work day with an office chair that's built with your back in mind. That being said, the 6673-2 model Arti series articulating office chair from Global is an absolute winner. This self adjusting office chair minimizes the ergonomic learning curve to encourage healthy computing habits and good posture.

*If you're looking for an awesome office chair on a budget, we recommend the Eon from Cherryman, as well as the 10904B from Offices To Go.

Articulating Keyboard Tray
Once you've laid the foundation for a comfortable and healthy work day with a reliable office chair, it's time to start accessing your cubicle. We recommend starting with an adjustable keyboard tray. Simply computing at your desk with your keyboard resting atop your desk surface is far from ergonomically correct. Alternatively, an adjustable keyboard tray that attaches underneath the desk surface will provide you with the ability to type at healthy angles and reduce the risk or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dual Screen Monitor ArmA dual screen monitor arm will also help you compute healthy in your cubicle. Popular mounts like those from OFM can be quickly clamped to just about any operating surface to reduce visual strain while simultaneously cutting down on the time spent flipping between tabs.

Sit Sto Stand Desktop AttachmentYou've likely seen commercials or at the very least you've heard about popular sit to stand desktop attachments. They're the latest ergonomic craze, and for good reason. A sit to stand desk attachment will help improve your posture, reduce fatigue, and much more. Popular sit to stand solutions like the 91106 from MooreCo will significantly improve operational functionality in the cubicle.

Adjustable FootrestLast but not least, you'll want to add a simple foot rest. Believe it or not, even the most basic ergonomic products can yield big time results. An adjustable foot rest will encourage good sitting habits throughout your task filled work days. If you find yourself perching your feet up on the base of your office chair, a footrest like the FR-1 from Symmetry Office is a must consider. Footrests like this one provide support for the 5th percentile female when chair adjustments are not adequate. Essentially, if the chair in your cubicle cannot be adjusted to a height where your feet are able to be placed flat on the floor comfortably and facing forward,  you need a handy footrest like the FR-1.
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