Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January Finds: MooreCo Productivity Solutions

MooreCo Productivity Solutions
The team at MooreCo has made it their mission to craft elite office products designed to improve operational productivity and so much more. Today in our 'January Finds' series we'll be highlighting a few of our favs. Here we'll showcase awesome presentation boards, powered laptop carts, and sit to stand products that are a must consider for any school or business.

Red Dry Erase BoardWall mount presentation boards are great, but they can only be used in 1 space. With a mobile dry erase board for group note taking, you can enjoy collaborative benefits on the go. Popular MooreCo presentation boards from the Visionary series are available in cool color options like red, green, and blue that will make your interiors pop. As an added bonus, the writing surface is also magnetic. Talk about cool!

Mobile Whiteboard StandIf you already have a whiteboard, you can mobilize it with the 56402 Genius stand. This versatile product accommodates boards from 30" to 61.5" high and a minimum of 31.5" wide. The 56402 Genius white board stand also supports up to 200 pounds. This heavy duty mobile stand features a powder coated platinum steel frame and 5" casters that lock for stability.

MooreCo Elevation Flat Screen TV CartMooreCo is working hard to make squeaky AV carts a thing of the past. Check out the 27650 model Elevation mobile flat screen TV cart and you'll quickly see what we mean. This modern productivity solution is perfect for classroom, training, and boardroom environments and supports large screens up to 250 pounds. With an array of optional accessories for improving versatility, the Elevation cart is an absolute winner.

Tablet Charging CartIn the modern age of training and education, tablets and laptops are a must. If you're hosting group meetings and collaborative sessions with powered devices, the MooreCo A La Cart XL is going to wow you. This tablet charging cart features an integrated power distribution system that avoids overdrawing your circuits. The 27726A cart is compatible with Chromebook and iPads, even those with the larger Otterbox defender series cases. With spacious slots, locking doors, and included power strips, this is one of the absolute best charging carts on the market today.

iTeach Portable Power StationWe absolutely love the 27735 model iTeach portable device charging station from MooreCo. This charging station is great for any space from the lobby to the boardroom. The iTeach encourages collaboration and improves productivity. Simply wheel the iTeach from space to space where power is needed. With 8 USB and AC outlets, you'll be at no shortage inputs.

MooreCo Up-Rite Sit To Stand WorkstationLast but not least, the team at MooreCo crafts some of the coolest sit to stand workstations you'll find in 2018. Popular options like the 90532 Up-Rite station encourage continuous movement and prevent the need for extended sitting sessions that cause even the best posture habits to suffer. In fact, using a sit to stand workstation like the 90532 will actually improve posture and blood flow. This handy little station is great for laptop computing, testing environments, and much more.

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