Monday, March 19, 2018

7 Office Seating Trends To Consider In 2018

Is your office in need of new seating? If so, you're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll get you up to date with 7 of the hottest chair trends in order to help you make an educated purchase that keeps your interiors looking great. Enjoy!

1.) Light Brown Leather

Light Brown Leather Office Chair

Light brown leather tones are making a comeback. When shopping for chairs, be on the look out for color descriptions like "peanut butter" and "saddle". These light brown options are very popular as they'll help you create timeless vibes with a touch of retro flair!

2.) Gray Mesh

Gray Mesh Office Chair

Black is classic, but gray is taking over the furniture and seating world in 2018. Gray mesh office chairs offer a modern yet practical look that's incredibly well rounded. A gray mesh office chair will help you refine your interior without being too over the top.

3.) Self Adjusting

Self Adjusting Office Chair

Getting comfortable just got easy! This year industry leaders are paving the way for improved posture with self adjusting office chairs that automatically adapt to the user to encourage good sitting habits. In a few more years, self adjusting office chairs will be the standard.

4.) Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Office Chair

It's hard to beat the mid century modern look, especially if you're tackling an executive office makeover project. Mid century modern office chairs will help you add just the right amount of wow factor to your space. Popular mid century chairs from brands like Modway should be highly considered in 2018.

5.) Ribbed Backs

Ribbed Back Conference Chair

Ribbed back chairs are especially popular in conference room settings. They're sleek, comfortable, and cool. Ribbed back office chairs are available from nearly every reputable brand these days. One of our favorites is the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing as it boasts genuine leather surfaces and comes in cool colors.

6.) Euro

Eurotech Kinetic Chair

Each year new Euro chair trends emerge that dominate the market. That being said, the founding elements of Euro chairs remain the same. Be on the lookout for subtle curves and clean lines. Euro chairs are modern yet simple. Take look at the all new MT301A Kinetic chair from Eurotech that's pictured here and you'll see what we mean.

7.) Polished Accents

Luxurious Office Chair

Last but not least, you can't go wrong with polished accents. Chairs with plain black bases and arms have become a bit lackluster. We recommend enhancing your space with chrome! An office chair with a polished base and arms will help you create an upscale look that earns an abundance of compliments.
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