Wednesday, July 25, 2018

MooreCo Crafts Elite Ergonomic Furniture

In the world of modern ergonomics, not all furniture is created equal. Those who want the best in terms of functionality turn to industry leading brands like MooreCo. The sit to stand workstations and ergonomic components from this brand are in a league of their own. Today on the blog we'll showcase the elite ergonomic furniture from MooreCo. Prepare to be impressed.

MooreCo Nido TablesThere's no shortage of training room tables on the market. That said, not all offer sit to stand capabilities. With Nido tables from MooreCo you can create clean sight lines while encouraging continuous movement. The 90283 model MooreCo Nido table is perfect for commercial training areas as it features an ergonomically correct flip top design and mobilized base that makes for quick reconfiguring.

MooreCo Beta Series Ergonomic WorkstationThe MooreCo Beta series single screen sit to stand workstation with a built in keyboard platform is an ergonomic marvel. This high tech piece of equipment easily moves though small doorways and thresholds for collaborative meetings. The 27614 Beta station works equally well as an AV cart of as a compact mobile workstation that's ideal for maneuvering in tight environments.

MooreCo Sit To Stand AttachmentThe MooreCo 91106 workstation works with nearly any surface. The sit to stand attachment makes it easy to go-ergo and stay productive without spending a small fortune. At just $469.99, the 91106 station is a great buy that's perfect for commercial applications.

MooreCo Lapmatic WorkstationUp next is the MooreCo Lapmatic ergonomic workstation on wheels. If you find yourself computing on the go, this product is for you. The Lapmatic offers a spacious platform with mousing areas. The 89829 model Lapmatic adjusts in height from 20-30" to provide operational versatility in a complete package that costs just $269.99.

MooreCo ergonomic computer deskLast but not least, allow us to introduce the MooreCo Ergo E. sit to stand workstation. This mobile computer desk is practical, heavy duty, and ready to outfit smaller work environments with the ergonomic benefits needed to operate at a high level throughout even the busiest days. The 90016 Ergo E. station is available with an optional clamp on power module to further streamline your tasks. The main platform is large enough for 2 monitors while the keyboard tray articulates to encourage healthy typing. A lower level CPU holder is also included to keep your computers power source off the ground in order to protect against overheating and water damage.
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