Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Office All Stars: Zira Tables by Global

Zira Boardroom Furniture
From small meeting areas to large executive style boardrooms, the Zira collection has you covered. This high performance office furniture line from Global Total Office has become the preferred choice for professional remodeling projects in 2017. Today on the OfficeFurnitureDeals.com blog we'll take a look at Zira tables and their unrivaled benefits.

Zira tables are nothing short of all stars. For those who strive to craft elite interiors, there's no better and more versatile line on the market. The boardroom tables from the Zira collection are available in an array of sizes to meet the needs of interiors of any size.

Wether you're looking to keep things traditional with finish options like cherry, maple, and mahogany, or looking to spice things up with a trend setting tone, Zira has it all. We personally love new and innovative Zira finish options like Absolute Acajou and White Chocolate, they're sure to earn your boardroom the compliments it deserves.

Square Zira Meeting Table
Popular Zira tables for smaller meeting areas like the Z3636SQ feature square tops and pedestal style bases. Shoppers and designers alike can choose between brushed cobalt and black accent trim to make their main surface finish pop.

Larger Zira boardroom tables like the Z48144RTE can be even be designed in two-tone combinations that are like nothing on the market today.

Two Tone Zira Boardroom TableWhat truly sets Zira tables apart are the unique surface level power options. All of the tables from this collection can be outfitted with advanced input options to streamline presentations and group strategizing sessions.

Zira Furniture FinishIn truth, most of today's most popular power ready tables for the boardroom are a bit difficult to spec without the help of a professional. That being said, Zira simplifies the process with Oasis modules and plug and play telecom plates. You essentially choose the number of AC inputs you need on the main module, then add-on the USB, HDMI, and other options you need for your boardroom to operate at peak performance levels.

White and Gray Powered Conference TableA larger boardroom table from the Zira collection can be upgraded with multiple daisy chained power modules that interact together. While most choose to simply operate from a single centrally located module, those who need even more out of their boardroom table can achieve it easily with this truly cutting edge furniture line.

In terms of price, Zira tables are surprisingly affordable. Smaller meeting tables with square tops are available starting at $899.99. The average 8' long Zira conference table with oval top is going to run you $1299.99 and slightly higher for more intricate shapes. Basic power modules with AC and phone inputs will take your table up by a couple of hundred bucks, while custom Oasis series units with advanced telecom plates are significantly more based on the options you select.

Zira Boardroom Furniture Review
Overall, Zira is in our opinion the best boardroom office furniture collection on the market. In addition to tables, Zira offers attractive wall cabinets, bookcases, presentation boards, and beverage carts to truly maximize interiors. Zira products are ultra versatile and equally stylish. If you want the absolute best and won't settle for less, Zira is a must consider option for your business.
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