Monday, October 30, 2017

Streamline Performance With Universal Power Modules

Are you tired of venturing underneath your desk amidst a sea of hardware, tangled wires, and wrappers to charge your devices? Are you tired of running extension chords across your conference room to host multi media presentations? If so, you're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll be showcasing power management solutions designed to streamline your daily applications and simultaneously boost productivity levels. These handy off add-ons are a must consider for any fast paced business.

iTeach portable power towerFirst up, the 27735 model iTeach mobile power tower from MooreCo. This portable power management solution is perfect for classroom and training room environments. The iTeach is idea for providing power to laptops, chrome books, tablets, and even smart phones. The power capacity is provided through a single 3-prong plug so that users no longer have to share outlets when working and collaborating.

8 port USB charging stationUp next is the 66670 model USB charging station from MooreCo. This universal product is perfect for just about any group environment you can think of from the lobby to the boardroom. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box when remodeling your interiors. Can't you picture this awesome unit in restaurants, cafes, and bistro areas? The 66670 boasts 8 USB inputs and to reduce clutter with a designated charging spot and an innovative cord management system.

Clamp On Outlet and USB Charger for DesksYou'll also want to check out universal desktop power modules from MooreCo like the 66675. This clamp on power outlet and USB charger can be used on pretty much any surface from 75" to 2" thick. At just $65.99, this unit is an absolute bargain buy that should not be passed up by any business looking to streamline training room and classroom activities.

Conference Table Power ModuleMooreCo isn't the only brand crafting power management products. Take one look at the FlexCharge9 universal power module for the conference room and you'll quickly see what we mean. This hot new product from ESI Ergonomic Solutions is currently available for just $175.00 and comes standard with 4 USB inputs and 5 AC outlets.

Desktop Power Attachment with AC and USB InputsIf you're wanting to outfit your single-user and group workstations with surface level power inputs, check out the FlexCharge4. This clamp on unit is economically priced at $129.00 and features 2 AC inputs and 2 USB inputs. The FlexCharge4 can be mounted on top of your desk surface, below your desk surface, or through your grommet holes.

Symmetry Office Drifter HubLast but certainly not least, check out the Drifter power hub from Symmetry Office. Yet another cool power management solution, the Drifter is versatile, affordable, and incredibly beneficial. The days of operating in powerless interiors are coming to an end. With charging hubs like the Drifter you can speed up operations in a flash without spending a fortune.
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