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How To Create An Impactful Office Interior

Impactful Office Interior
Are you about to tackle an office makeover project? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to create an impactful interior with helpful tips, advice, and product suggestions. From effective space planning to integrating ergonomically correct accessories, we've got your remodeling needs covered.

All professional office design and remodeling projects start with effective space planning. If you don't properly measure your space, you're setting yourself up for a big headache. Take the time to obtain the perimeter dimensions of your space and notate any room obstructions like windows, power outlets, and entry ways that will affect the way your furniture is situated once installed.

To create an impactful interior, you'll need a little design inspiration. We recommend visiting social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. You'll be rewarded with tons of great ideas that can be incorporated into your project.

Once inspired, you'll want to settle on a theme. Both modern and traditionally themed projects can be very impactful. That being said, avoid mix-matching components from different genres. This will make for a confusing space that lacks fluidity.

Modern Office Furniture Collections:

Traditional Office Furniture Collections:

  • Emerald by Cherryman
  • Sorrento by Mayline
  • Ventnor by Offices To Go

You'll also want to avoid overcrowding. As you can always add more pieces later, take a minimalists approach from the start. In truth, there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple. Those who over-do-it typically end up overspending and dealing with office remodeling remorse.

The office desk you select should be used as the focal point of your space. Additionally, you'll want to select an office chair that matches your furniture and doesn't over power it. It's okay to use your chair as a secondary focal point. If you're looking to make a statement with your chair, consider going with a semi-neutral color like gray, blue, or even white that's fashionable without being too over the top.

Popular Office Chairs:

  • Eon by Cherryman
  • Oroblanco by iDesk
  • Spritz by Global
  • iOO by Eurotech Seating
  • Hendrix by Woodstock Marketing

*Remember that when selecting an office chair, comfort comes first. You'll want to purchase an ergonomically correct chair that encourages good posture and healthy operating habits. The seating solutions above provide just that and the design characteristics needed to make an impact in your interior.

Dual purpose products that improve functionality and appeal are always a great idea. They'll help you create an impactful interior that's also well organized, productive, and efficient. When the time comes to accessorize your interior, don't be fooled into thinking every product is a must have. In truth, a few key accessories will do the trick.

Helpful Ergonomic Products:

  • Sit To Stand Desktop Convertor - Great for encouraging good posture and reducing the need for extended sits that cause fatigue and poor blood flow.
  • Dual Monitor Arm - Increases usable desk space, reduces visual strain, and cuts down on the time spent clicking back and forth between open tabs.
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray - Encourages healthy typing angles that reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and increases usable desk space.

In the long run, creating an impactful office interior can be fun and simple. There's no need for frustration and makeover headaches that leave you stressed. If you're having fun while giving your workspace a facelift, the odds are you'll enjoy the end result. Do your best to select office furniture and accessories that work in harmony together to make an impact and keep your operating at peak performance levels. When all else fails, remember... You can always ask the pros for help.

Tips For Creating An Impactful Office Interior:

  • Get Inspired and Research The Latest Trends
  • Choose A Design Theme and Stick To It
  • Strive For Fluidity And Balance With Minimal Components At First
  • Avoid Overcrowding
  • Don't Mix And Match Components From Different Furniture Collections
  • Create Focal Points and Build Around Them
  • Add Office Accessories That Make An Ergonomic Impact
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