Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are There Advantages To Dark Furniture Finishes? You Betcha!

Dark Office Furniture Finish
Dark furniture finish options like espresso, black cherry, and mocha have become incredibly popular. While design teams, shoppers, and industry professionals love these trend setting tones for corporate appeal, there's also distinct advantages to dark furniture that should not be overlooked. Darker wood grain tones show minimal wear and scratches over time that makes them ideal for long term use. Dark furniture finishes easily blend with nearly any pain color and chair upholstery you can think of. Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we'll take a look at the most popular dark wood furniture collections on the market and the attributes that make them great for professional remodeling projects.

Offices To Go Boardroom Furniture
Looking to craft a cool conference room on a budget? No problem! The American Espresso boardroom furniture from Offices To Go and their Superior Laminate Collection is hard to beat. This affordable line of tables and storage components makes it easy to create trend setting interiors you're valued visitors will love. Espresso finished Superior Laminate tables like the SL9544RS feature oval shaped operating surfaces that will look great for years and show minimal wear over the long term. At just $320.99 this table provides exceptional value.

Cherryman Amber Desk LayoutThe Cherryman Amber collection is an awesome option for any shopper looking to take advantage of the benefits provided by dark laminate office furniture. The Cherryman Amber Office Desk layouts available in 2016 are great for both home and business use. Amber workstations can be crafted using individual components, or purchased as part of sets to take the guess work out of the design process. With a Black Cherry Amber office desk package you'll provide your interior with a cutting edge good look that's built to last.

Zira Reception DeskDark wood furniture finishes pair perfectly with glass accents! If you're ready to earn your interior the compliments it deserves, take this design tip to heart. Need an example? No prob! Check out the custom Zira reception desks crafted by Global Total Office. Talk about wow factor! These rectangular, multi user, U shaped stations are ready, willing, and able to make a lasting impression on your valued visitors. Zira reception desks in dark tones like Espresso can be used for both modern and traditional remodeling projects.

Mayline Training TablesYour training room is going to get a ton of use! Employees and students will be filtering out regularly and your furniture typically pays the price. That being said, it's never a bad idea to select a dark laminate tone that's scratch resistant. We recommend the Witchcraft Mocha option available on the tables from the Mayline Sync collection in 2016. These flip top training room tables are incredibly versatile, durable, and user friendly. The dark operating surfaces can be effectively paired with bright chair upholsteries to make your training environment pop. Year after year you'll feel like a design genius as your tables continue to look as good as the day you bought them despite the intensive training sessions they've endured.
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