Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Product Showcase: Mayline Welcome Desks

In our first 'Product Showcase' post of 2018 we'll be checking out fashionable guest welcome desks from the team at Mayline. As the need to make great first impressions is at an all time high, these check-in desks are a must see. With a welcome desk from Mayline you'll be ready, willing, and able to earn your interior the compliments it deserves.

Gray Reception DeskNobody offers a better selection of professional guest welcome desks than Mayline. That being said, the Medina collection has really become their most popular. As the demand for gray office furniture is at an all time high, Textured Gray Steel reception desks from the Medina collection like the MNRS are a must consider in 2018. This designer station with glass accents and silver trim is nothing short of a statement piece.

STG31 Reception DeskIn addition to the MNRS, you'll also want to check out the STG31 welcome desk from the Mayline Sterling Collection. This is Mayline's newest station and it's definitely cutting edge by industry standards. Even at first glance you'll be wowed by the surface extensions and glass transaction counter. The STG31 model Mayline welcome desk is also very spacious with a 96" wide top.

Maple Office Reception DeskMoving right along, bargain shoppers will absolutely love this little custom setup from the Aberdeen series. The combination of a 72" x 36" front desk and attached transaction screen work together to form one of the best buys of 2018. This popular guest reception desk is available in a variety of attractive finishes for just $706.99.

Wood Veneer Welcome DeskTraditionalists will love the timeless wood veneer reception desks from the Mayline Sorrento series. Our personal favorite is the SRCSRM. It's outfitted with a granite transaction counter for unrivaled luxury and a combination of File-File and Box-Box-File pedestals for effective organizing. This L shaped station offers ample operating space and an elegant look that's ready to impress.

CSII Reception DeskWe wanted to wrap up today's edition of 'Product Showcase' by highlighting a welcome desk that's been around for awhile, but you probably have never seen it. In truth, that's what this blog series is all about... Showing you products you'll love that you didn't know about. The CST25 model desk is heavy duty, fashionable, and perfect for any business in need of a style infusions. This CSII reception station is available in a variety of really unique two tone finish combinations that will do wonders for your welcome area.
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