Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Ways To End Your Work Year Right

As 2016 winds to a close, it's important to leave a good foundation for the new year. It's not too late to start forming good habits and the operating structure needed to rock 2017. Today we'll take a look at 5 great ways to do just that. From purging old files to collaborating with coworkers, these tips are an absolute must read.

1.) File Purging

Don't end 2016 with a bunch of old documents taking up valuable drawer space. Purge your old files effectively by removing them one drawer at a time. Next, put them back in the file cabinet one at a time in. You'll likely come across a lot of essential files that are out of order after a year of use. A well organized and regularly purged cabinet will ensure room for growth and efficient operating in 2017.

2.) Desk Organizing

If you want to operate at peak performance levels in 2017, a well cleaned and organized office space is a must. Start by removing unnecessary desktop items. Old notes, wrappers, and debris can all be cleaned quickly. Next, go through your desk drawers and collect all the loose writing utensils and office aids. Organize them in a way that will have them at hand when needed. Do your best to form the good office desk cleaning and organizing habits needed to keep things nice and neath throughout the new year.

Sit to Stand Desktop Riser3.) Sit To Stand

You probably spent the majority of 2016 sitting in your office chair. End the year right by committing to a good sit to stand system. If you can, invest in a desktop sit to stand station like the 5100 model from OFM. It's currently available for just $279.99 and will fit on almost any surface. If funds are tight, at least make it a point to take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour. Stand up from your chair, get a drink of water, and walk around to stretch our your muscles. Sitting in your chair and staring out your computer screen for hours on end has to stop. It's incredibly unhealthy!

4.) Office Chair TLC

That's not a squeak, it's your office chair screaming for it's life! All jokes aside, that fancy ergonomic chair you bought does require a little tender love and care every once in awhile. Take the time to give your chair a once over. If you have the owners manual, read through it. Refresh yourself on your chairs features and benefits. Test out the chair mechanism and it's levers to ensure they're working properly. Adjust your chair as needed to ensure you're sitting posture perfect. Be sure to tighten any loose screws on the arms, back, and base of your chair to prevent a productivity killing breakdown. In the long run, even the most expensive chair is only as good as it's owner. You have to provide a little TLC to reap the ergonomic rewards you deserve.

5.) Coworker Collaboration

Having a good relationship with your coworkers will greatly improve morale around the office. End the year by collaborating with your teammates. If you sense a disconnect, make it a mission to repair any relationships. You don't want to kick of 2017 with drama. Instead, prepare for success by conversing with your coworkers. Don't be afraid to ask about holiday plans, ideas for office improvement in the new year, and other simple topics that will get the conversation started. An end of the year party is never a bad idea. Throw together a pot luck and bring in the near work year right!
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