Wednesday, December 7, 2016

6 Office Remodeling Trends That Made 2016 Great!

We saw office design trends come and go in 2016. That being said, a select few reigned supreme and continue to transform professional interiors. Today we'll take a look at the 6 hottest remodeling trends of the year to help you get inspired for your makeover. From gray wood office furniture to mid century modern office chairs, these ever popular trends have major staying power!

1.) Gray Office Furniture

Gray Office Furniture

Using gray office furniture will help you create a modern coastal vibe that's sure to impress your valued visitors. Brands like Mayline and Global cornered the gray furniture lines like Medina, Sterling, and Zira. Gray office desks from these collections are perfect for beach inspired remodeling projects, or anybody looking to skip traditional cherry and maple tones that have dominated in years past. It's safe to say, gray is the new black!

2.) Red Office Chairs

Red Leather Office Chair

Black office chairs will always be in style. But this year, designers and shoppers alike wanted to make interiors pop! Red office chairs were hot in 2016. Popular red leather office chairs like the Annie from Woodstock Marketing and Remix from Modway Seating were heavily relied upon to give conference rooms and executive interiors the style boosts they needed.

3.) Open Concept Desking

Open Concept Desking

This year cubicles were kicked to the curb in exchange for open concept desk configurations. Why you ask? Because traditional cubicle and panel systems make interiors feel closed off. On the other hand, open concept office furniture lines like e5 from Mayline promote team interaction and collaboration. This trend is rapidly becoming an industry standard. Cubicles on the other hand, not so much!

4.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference Furniture

These days, purchasing a conference table without a power ready surface is like throwing money away. If you're tackling a boardroom makeover, provide your business with the ability to streamline meetings and group strategizing sessions with the integration of a powered conference table. We recommend the cutting edge Zira boardroom furniture collection from Global. The tables from this advanced line can be spec'd with awesome USB, HDMI, and other versatility boosting input options you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

5.) Modular Lobby Seating

Modular Lobby Seating

Skip the played out combination of a sofa and two lounge chairs in exchange for a modular lobby seating configuration that maximizes square footage. The guest experience provided by your business will say a lot about your level of service, and the impressions formed by your visitors. The use of modular lobby seating will allow you to think outside the box with your remodel. You'll be improving guest interaction as well as corporate appeal in no time. Want to jump on board with this trend? You can't go wrong with Popular OFM lobby seating collections like Uno, Serenity, and Triumph.

6.) Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

Mid Century Modern Office Chair

At the start of the Fall season, mid century modern office chairs started dominating office remodeling projects. The ribbed back look has always been popular for conference and boardroom areas, but this year mid century modern ribbed back chairs started popping up in executive interiors. Nearly every reputable seating manufacturer on the planet is now offering at least 3 different mid century modern chairs for the conference room and private office. Want to take your remodel to the next level? Go with a red leather mid century modern chair to double dip on the years hottest trends.
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