Friday, March 24, 2017

Life In The Cube: Maximizing Space and Comfort

Life in a cubicle can be tough. It can also be quite enjoyable if you know how to maximize your space and comfort. That's where we come in! Today on the Office Furniture Deals blog we'll be highlighting the tips and products needed to do just that. From ultra cool task chairs to user friendly ergonomic accessories, we'll have you at your best in no time. Enjoy!

iDesk Eon ChairOffice comfort starts with the chair! That being said, you don't want to select a bulky overstuffed executive style chair for everyday cubicle operating. You need a space saving task chair that doesn't lack in terms of comfort. Going with a modern ergonomic mesh chair like the Eon from iDesk is just plain smart. It offers a really cool look to compliment your workspace, along with an abundance of independently adjustable ergonomic attributes that are super easy to use. At just $245.00, the Eon is also one of the best chair buys on the market in 2017.

Novello ChairIn addition to the Eon chair from iDesk. We also highly recommend the Novello series 6400 chair from Global Total Office. It's sleek European vibe will definitely help you maximize your cubicle operating area. This stylish new office chair designed by Alessandro Piretti features an easy to clean poly back and well padded waterfall style seat that will relieve knee pressure while improving blood flow. The Novello is durable, efficient, and down right comfortable. You simply can't go wrong with Global's newest chair!

Symmetry Office Allure Screen MountIn the cubicle, work surface space is always at a premium. That being said, your computer screen takes up a ton of it. You should highly consider making the switch to an articulating monitor mount in 2017. The factory base on your computer screen offers little in terms of adjustment capabilities. An ergonomically correct screen mount like the Allure 1 from Symmetry Office will allow you to raise your screen to eye level. This ensures healthy computing and minimizes the neck strain associated with looking down at your screens to type. With its clamp on pole mounting system, you'll free up an abundance of usable space you never knew you had.

ESI Ergorise StationIt's no secret that sit to stand operating is the latest ergonomic craze. That being said, you probably don't have the workspace to devote to a desktop riser. Have no fear, ESI has you covered. Their all new Ergorise station is an awesome option for cubicle dwellers. With this sit to stand desktop attachment you'll be able to utilize 2 screens to save time computing. Most importantly, you'll be able to quickly switch from sitting to standing positions to reduce fatigue, pain, and strain throughout the work day.

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayTo further increase your amount of usable desk surface area, consider making the switch to an ergonomic keyboard tray. Allowing your keyboard tray to take up approximately 30% of your usable surface space is just plain silly. Move that bad boy underneath your desk surface with a retractable mount that allows it to be slid out of the way when not in use. There's no shortage of options on the market, but we personally prefer units like the Balance 3 from Symmetry. With this keyboard tray you'll also be able to switch to stand up operating positions in a flash!

Retractable CPU HolderLast but certainly not least, you should also strive to maximize the space underneath your desk. Have you ever banged your knees on the CPU when sliding your office chair up to your workstation to compute? You're not alone. This office operating epidemic can be quickly solved with the integration of a retractable CPU mount from brands like ESI, Symmetry Office, and Systematix. With your CPU mounted up high on retractable glides, you'll also be able to avoid those pesky trips underneath your cubicle desk to route wires and simply power up your computer. The best part is, CPU holders only cost around a hundred bucks. You'll protecting your digital files from theft and water damage while simultaneously increasing knee space and boosting operational functionality. What a great product for the modern cubicle worker!
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