Monday, March 27, 2017

Office Design 2017: Avoid The Ordinary!

If you want to distinguish your business from the competition, it's time to start thinking outside the box with your office interiors. The workplace is always evolving, much in-part due to today's modern furniture and seating. By avoiding the ordinary and striving for extraordinary you can craft elite interiors built for streamlined productivity and collaboration. Today on the blog we'll highlight the innovative new products designed to help you do just that.

Global SideBar Open Concept Benching
If you're tackling a work floor makeover project for your business in 2017, you can't go wrong with an open concept design built for collaboration. Ordinary cubicle systems are being tossed to curb in exchange for innovative multi user benching layouts that encourage team interaction. Collections like SideBar from Global Total Office will have your business ahead of the curve in no time. With high tech surface level power inputs and an abundance of modern appeal, you'll be miles ahead of the competition.

Mayline e5 Desk LayoutAre you ready to get more out of your personal office interior? Mayline has you covered with their e5 collection. This line of highly modular office furniture offers unrivaled versatility. With unique storage modules and cushion topped pedestals, you can avoid those traditional metal file cabinets that do little to promote the high end vibe you're going for. The Mayline e5 components available in 2017 can be purchased as a part of preconfigured sets, or individually to design custom work environments for single and multi user applications.

Gray Office FurnitureTraditional furniture finish options like cherry and maple will always have their place. That being said, they've become rather ordinary. If you're looking to spice things up with an abundance of wow factor, consider trend setting tones like gray and white. They're classy, coastal, and cool. Gray office furniture has really started to dominate the market in 2017. Brands like Global and Mayline are offering their most popular desk collections in must see finish options like Absolute Acajou, Asian Night, Textured Driftwood, and Gray Steel. These wood laminate tones are unique and fashion forward.

Powered Waiting Room FurnitureSure a sofa and a couple of lounge chairs will get the job done in your waiting room. But why not improve corporate appeal and the guest experience with modular seating. Today's modular office reception seating lines like Triumph from OFM can be integrated into your welcoming area to maximize square footage and seating potential. In addition, you might consider going next level with powered modular waiting room furniture. Allowing your visitors to work while they wait with handy USB and AC inputs located within chair arms will give your reception area that extra element of versatility that's anything but ordinary.

Auto Responding Office ChairThere's nothing wrong with a classic black leather executive style office chair. They'll always be in style. Unfortunately, they're having a tough time holding their own in 2017 when compared to innovative "Smart Chairs" that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Traditional office chairs just don't offer the features needed to work posture perfect for extended periods of time. As extended sits can be damaging to your health, making the switch to an self adjusting ergonomic office chair is just plain smart. Popular new chairs like the Arti from Global are anything but ordinary. They boast articulating backs that mimic the human spine when working. This means, you'll spend less time pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs to get comfortable. If you find today's chairs to be a bit confusing, a smart chair is the way to go. That take the guess work out of getting comfortable. What could be better than a chair that remembers all those good posture tips for you?
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