Friday, January 12, 2018

Shop Smart: Affordable Sit To Stand Workstations

Shop Smart: Affordable Sit To Stand Workstations
The sit to stand movement is in full swing. If you're looking to compute healthy and work efficiently, a sit to stand workstation is the way to go. The problem is, with the abundance of sit to stand workstations on the market, it's hard to distinguish the reliable options from those that aren't built to last. That's where we come in! Today on 'Shop Smart' we'll be showcasing sit to stand attachments that combine value and quality.

Sit To Stand Training Room TableFirst up is the 90282 model sit to stand Nido workstation from MooreCo. This versatile table is perfect for training and classroom environments. With a 60" operating surface, the Nido is spacious and great for collaborating. The ability to quickly transition from sitting to standing makes this MooreCo Nido table a true bargain buy at $405.99, the same price point as many competing training tables that lack this ability.

Sit To Stand Computer DeskUp next is another great sit to stand product from MooreCo. As one of the most innovative brands on the market, MooreCo takes pride in crafting elite ergonomic products for the modern workplace. Take one look at their 90016 Ergo E. Sit To Stand Computer Desk and you'll quickly see what we mean. This heavy duty product is an absolute winner and one of the best all around workstations on the market under $600.00.

OFM 5100 Sit To Stand AttachmentMooreCo isn't the only manufacture crafting affordable sit to stand workstations that you can rely on! The 5100 model sit to stand desktop attachment from OFM is smart shoppers dream at just $279.99. This versatile component works with just about any surface you can think of and will transform traditional office desks into modern sit to stand workstations.

OFM Sit To Stand WorkstationThe newest sit to stand workstation from OFM is also a bargain buy. Their 66100 Mesa series station can be used as a mobile podium and even a laptop desk. This handy little product priced at $199.99 even includes free shipping for added value.

The CLIMB1 ESI Ergorise sit to stand workstation can be used in training, classroom, and private office environments. This sit to stand attachment can be clamped on to just about any operating surface you can think of and features an integrated keyboard platform for $465.80.

Mayline SOHO WorkstationLast but not least, allow us to introduce the 8432SQ model SOHO sit to stand computer workstation from Mayline. This desk is perfectly suitable for both home and professional workplace applications. For $419.99 you'll get a high quality computer workstation that encourages continuous movement and reduces fatigue. The SOHO desk is available in a choice of 2 attractive finish options that pair perfectly with a metal frame that's really built to last. The space saving design of the SOHO makes it a perfect option for dorm room use. The combination of adjustable shelves and a keyboard platform work together to form a well rounded product that's ready to adapt at a movements notice. If you find sitting for long periods of time to be straining on your back, the SOHO is ready, willing, and able to make a difference.
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